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Full Knife Seminar

Defending Against A Knife Attack is only partly physical.

A lot of it is based on understanding how knives are used and why people get stabbed. (With just a few simple 'cues' I can trigger a part of your brain that will make you do the absolute most dangerous and stupid course of action against a type of knife attack -- and then I'll attack that way). I talk about the effects of adrenalin on perception and how it will make you 'walk into weedwhacker.' (You'll swear he attacked you, but the security video will show you charging and attacking him). I' teach the different kinds of violence and why what you're going to do is not 'fighting.'  Your attacker has to be on the ground dying or unconscious in three moves or less or you will be.

This is important because it also teaches how to assess a situation where lethal force is not necessary so you don't need to kill a drunk in a bar. I cover a lot of legal aspects and how to talk to cops after an incident. It is here in fact,  we want police in the seminar so they can say "yeah, that is what happens when we show up and there's a body on the floor." So if you want to make connections with the local police force, invite a couple of their training officers to the seminar for free or reduced cost. I know of no one else out there who is teaching about knives who is also a court recognized expert witness about knife violence.


Defensive Knife Use -- A knife is a lethal force instrument. The biggest problem about when you are legally justified in using it someone is trying to kill you.

It's called an 'immediate threat' for a reason.

Unlike a high powered rifle  bullet, a knife does not create a 'shock to the system' likely to cause a collapse or stumble in the threat. Nor is the distance (which  often protects you during a shooting incident) enough to ensure your safety in close quarters situation.

In this range you must deal with the "Deadman's 10." Even fatally wounded an attacker at this range can inflict fatal damage on you if you do not take defensive measures.  The threat must be ended before he can 'take you with him.'

In case you haven't figured it out, this is not 'knife fighting.' It is not a martial art. It is not teaching 'if it were to happen,' it's predicated on when this happens, here's what will be involved -- including the police, hospitals and courtrooms

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