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Marc MacYoung

720 668-5126



Court Cases
Nevada vs. Shannon Newmon
2019 (Violence reconstruction)


Colorado vs. Daniel Machado 2018 (Self-defense, violence reconstruction, multiple attackers, disparity of force, positional disadvantage - testified)


New York vs. Vincent Scotto 2016 (Knife, violence reconstruction)


Montana vs. William Cunningham 2014 (Knife, violence reconstruction)


Illinois vs. R.D Tondini 2014 (Knife, violence reconstruction)


Colorado vs. Paul Moore 2013 (Retrail - Violence reconstruction)


Connecticut vs. Matthew Hanson 2013 (Knife, violence reconstruction)


Wisconsin vs. Peter Whyte 2012 (Appeal - Knife, violence reconstruction)


Michigan vs. Justin Stair 2012 (Appeal – violence reconstruction)


Montana vs. Randolph Mayer 2011 (Knife, violence reconstruction)


Colorado vs. Steve Zmich 2009  (knife expert)


Shapiro vs. Lippets 2009  (Illinois, civil suit, violence reconstruction)


California vs. Chris Cramer  2008  (knife use - testified)


Nevada vs. Dale Leedom/US vs. Hells Angels 2006  (Knife/violence reconstruction)




Multiple Attackers: Immediate threat and grievous injury (in press) 2019


Cheap Shots, Ambushes and Other Lessons: A Down and Dirty Guide to Streetfighting and Survival 1989/ republished 2019


Knives, Knife Fighting and Related Hassles: How to Survive a REAL Knifefight 1990/ republished 2019


Pool Cues, Beer Bottles and Baseball Bats: Animal’s guide to Improvised Weapons 1990/ republished 2019


Safe in the City: A Streetwise Guide to Avoid Getting Robbed, Raped, Ripped Off or Run Over 1994/ republished 2019


Violence, Blunders and Fractured Jaws: Advanced Awareness Techniques and Street Etiquette 1992/ republished 2019


What You Don't Know Can Kill You: How most self-defense training will put you into prison or the ground 2018


Beyond Picket Fence: Life Outside the Middle Class Bubble 2017


Writing Violence #4: Defense 2016


Writing Violence #3: Getting Punched 2015


Writing Violence #2: Getting Stabbed 2015


In the Name of Self-Defense: What it costs, when it's worth it 2014


Writing Violence #1: Getting Shot 2014


Campfire Tales From Hell: Musings on Martial Arts, Survival, Bouncing and General Thug Stuff 2012


Becoming a Complete Martial Artist: Error Detection in Self-Defense and Martial Arts 2006


“Secrets” of Effective Offense: Survival Strategies for Self-Defense, Martial Arts and Law Enforcement 2006


Taking It to The Streets: Making Your Martial Art Street Effective 1999


A Professional’s Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards and Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations 1996


Floor Fighting: Stompings, Maimings and Other Things to Avoid when a Fight goes to the Ground 1993


Street E&&: Evading, Escaping and Other Ways to Save Your Ass When Things Get Ugly 1993



Fists, Wits and a Wicked Right: Surviving on the Wild Side of the Street 1991




Safety Concepts
         Plastic Berserk, SC Glossary 2019

         Articulation, SC Glossary 2019

         Attack Range, SC Glossary 2019

         Immediate Threat, SC Glossary 2019

         Social scripts vs. False scripts, SC Glossary 2019

         Threat Assessment Model, SC Glossary 2019

         Boundaries Part 2: Safety Concepts podcast 2019

         Boundaries Part 1: Safety Concepts podcast 2018
         Welcome to Safety Concepts, 2018

Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and a Whole Lot More, Wim Demeere 2018

Sucker Punch

         Have You Ever Been Sucker Punched? Sucker Punch 2016

         A Gun in the Strip Club, Sucker Punch 2016

         Empathy and Bouncing, Sucker Punch 2016

         Advice for Bouncers and Bar Owners, Sucker Punch 2016

         The Door Guy, Sucker Punch 2016

         The Justified Mob, Sucker Punch 2016

Martial Secrets Podcast with Marc MacYoung, 2016

Pre Attack Indicators: Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network 2009

Down, But Not Out: Streetwise Tactics for Fighting on the ground, 1998

Safe in the Street/Street Safe: How to Recognize and Avoid Violent Street Crime 1993

Surviving a Street Knife Attack: Realistic Defensive Techniques 1992

Winning a Street Knife Fight: Realistic Offensive Techniques 1992

Barroom Brawling: The Art of Staying Alive in Beer Joints, Biker Bars and Other Fun Places 1991



Webpages  (established 2018)  (established 2012) (established 1998)


Tough Life 2012
LA Guardian Angels 2012
Line of Duty 2008
Black Belt 2005
Blackbelt 2004
Blackbelt 1999
Iron Horse 1995
Mandate 1993

Conflict Research Group International Magazin 2014- 2018
Journal Modern Combatives 2005/2006
American Sportsman Exchange 1991- 92


Writing Believable Action Scenes - Mile High Con, Denver 2009 -2012
Writing About Violence Novel Sisterhood Interview, Mary Martinez 2009
Violent Repercussions - Fight Technical Advisor – University Australia 2009
Five Kinds of Personal Violence SAFD, Michael Johnson 2006


Expert Volunteering/Consulting
John Curley and Associates Investigation 2017 –Present 2000-2017


Translations into other languages:
Cheap Shots, Ambushes and Other Lessons (Germany)
Pool Cues Beer Bottles and Baseball Bats
Five Stages of Violent Crime
IWOE Nachrichten (Finland)


Article Consultation
Common Ground 2009 Aspergers and Self-Defense
Men’s Health 2006 Overcoming Intimidation
Men’s Health 2006 Personal Safety
LA Times Travel 2005 Home Security On Vacation
Men’s Health 2005 The Ultimate Streetfighter
Model Mugging 1997


TV Appearances
ATSN - Stop the Threat 2013
    Fighting Back
    Right Place, Right Time
    Neighborhood Watch
    Bad Idea
    Caught in the Act
ATSN - Stop The Threat 2012
    Road Rage
    Convenience Store Robbery
    Mall Incident
    The Apartment
Showtime - Penn & Teller Bullshit, 2010
CNN- Anderson Cooper -- Avoiding a Carjacking 2005
NBC- (Colorado) Officer Involved Shooting vs. knife 2004
WB –(Colorado) Officer Involved Shooting vs. knife 2004
KABC-(California) Crime Avoidance 1995
PBS (Arizona) Personal Safety/Crime Prevention 1994

KNUS (Colorado) 2005
KOA (Colorado) 2004
WTAM (Ohio) 2003
KFYI (Arizona) 1994


Martial Secrets Colorado Chronicles 2012
Martial Secrets Animal List BBQ 2011
Martial Secrets Xing the Pond 2010
International Society of Close Quarter Combatants Newsline – Knife 'Fighting vs. Knife Defense 2009 Charles Heburn 2008
PsychJourney Dr. Kevin Keough 2008
International Society of Close Quarter Combatants Newsline – Running the Table 2007
International Society of Close Quarter Combatants Newsline – Realities of Street Knife 2006 Charles Heburn 2006
Dirttime.Org Yael Granger 2005
On The Edge Kelly Worton 2004


Magazine/Web Interviews
Blitz Magazine
The Grinding Shop
Swedish Magazine
La Spirale
Mokuren Dojo
Observer France


Excel Energy 2009
National Charity League 2007
BROE Companies 2006
Empty Cup Self-Defense 2005
DOD Criminal Investigation Service 2005
International Police Defensive Tactics 2003
International Police Defensive Tactics Association 2000
University Montana Missoula 1995
University of Arizona Tempe 1995
Los Angeles Police Department Citizen’s Use of Force Advisory Panel 1994


Jenna Meek, Calling the Shots: Self-protection and firearm choices that work for you, 2017
Robert Juilano, Crybullies: Protecting Yourself From Social Muggings and Victimhood Aggression, 2017
Zak Mucha, Emotional Abuse, A self-defense guide 2016
Kris Wilder/Lawrence Kane, Dude, The World is Going to Punch You in the Face 2016
Kris Wilder/Lawrence Kane, Dirty Ground 2012
Kris Wilder The Deeper Questions 2009
Lawrence Kane, Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Should Know About Fighting 2009
Sgt Rory Miller, Meditations on Violence 2008
Alain Buresse, Hard-won Wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks 1999


Safety Concepts 2018 to present
No Nonsense Self-Defense 1997 to present
Playtime 1995-1996
Excalibur  1994 - 95
Century Correctional Center (Director) 1992
Security LHC (Lt Area Guards) 1987 –89


Martial Arts Training
Wing Chun Shotokan Karate Five Family Gung Fu Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak Pukulan Pentjak Silat Gerakan Succi Kali No Zeliah Baugua/Hsing–i Tai Chi Chuan Western Swordsmanship (Ranking/certification available upon request)


Venice High School 1978
Santa Monica CC 1979 – 80
Pierce CC 1985
Jefferson Institute of Business 1988


Continuing Education (Related)
Gun Law Conference 2018
        Dr Alexis Artwohl (Adrenaline)
        Dr William April (Criminal Behavior)
        Jim Fleming esq (Aftermath of Self-Defense)
        JB Herren

Danger 102  2016
        Rory Miller
        Kasey Keckiesen
        Terry Trahan
Violence Dynamics  2015
        Rory Miller
        Kasey Keckiesen
        Randy King
        Terry Trahan
Danger 102  2014
Handgun Retention and Disarms 2  2014
Violence Dynamics  2014
         Rory Miller
         Kasey Keckiesen
        Randy King
Danger 101 2014
Handgun Retention and Disarms 1 2014
Law of the Gun and the Legal Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting by Adam Weitzel, Esq.  2014
Law of the Gun and the Legal Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting by Adam Weitzel, Esq. 2013
Holster seminar April 26, 2013Weitzel, Esq. January 9, 2013
Level 1 CO Concealed Handgun Permit Course 2013
Retention and disarms 2013
Level 1 CO Concealed Handgun Permit Course 2013
Hunter Safety – Colorado Division Parks and Wildlife 2010
Bulletproof Mind – Lt. Col Dave Grossman 2006
Cops International IPDTA (Poland) 2003
Cops International IPDTA (Poland) 2000
Judicious Use of Lethal Force – Massad Ayoob 1999
Levels of Intoxication - Arizona Department Liquor Licensing and Control 1995
NLP in conflict situation – Dr. Alex Holub 1989
Nuero Linguistic Programming – Dr. Bob Beck 1984

Memberships (Past/Present)
Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers
International Police Defensive Tactics Association
Combat Coalition


On going classes since 1998
Self-defense/martial arts regular classes in Castle Rock, Colorado
Private lessons to individuals
Personal Safety Carry on Colorado


Seminars/Instruction (Abridged list)
Silk Road Road Journey, Colorado 2019 – Professional use of force / Immediate threat
Old School Gun School,  Washington 2019 – Crime, Conflict, & Interrogation
Silk Road Road Journey, Colorado 2018 – MacYoung/Meek Drill (Escape potential)
Gunlaw Conference, Washington 2018 – Crime articulation/ Immediate threat
Bunjinkan Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 2017 – Martial Movement/Knife
Violence Dynamics, Minnesota  2016 – Violence dynamics
Silk Road Road Journey, Colorado 2015 – Self-Defense articulation
Self Protection 1,  Colorado 2015 – Crime/ Violence dynamics
Ramsey County Sheriff SWAT, Minnesota 2014 – Professional use of force/ Knife
Violence Dynamics,
Minnesota  2014 – Violence dynamics
Self Protection 1,  
Colorado2014 – Crime/ Violence dynamics
Silk Road Journey,
Colorado2014 – Martial Movement
Self Protection 1,
Colorado 2014 – Crime/ Violence dynamics
Ramsey County SWAT,
Minnesota,  2013  – Professional use of force/Knife
Violence Dynamics,
Minnesota 2013 – Violence dynamics
Bristol Wing Chung, UK  2013 – Crime Avoidance, Force Physics, Surviving Knife Attacks
Tilberg Krav Maga, Netherlands 2013 – Crime Avoidance, Force Physics, Surviving Knife Attacks
Self Protection 1, Colorado 2013 –
Crime/ Violence dynamics
Silk Road Journey, Colorado 2013 – Martial Movement
Self Protection 1, Colorado 2013 –
Crime/ Violence dynamics
Firearms Academy of Seattle, 2013 – Knife defense
Academy of Self-Defense,  UK 2012 – Crime Avoidance, Force Physics, Surviving Knife
St Paul Police Dept, 2012 – Violence Dynamics
Keishoukan Dojo 
Minnesota  2012 – Surviving Street Knife Attack
Colorado Law Enforcement Trainers, 2012 – Conflict Communications
Surviving Street Knife Attack,  Florida 2012 – knife
Stockton Police Association, 2011 Conflict Communications/Force Physics
Ljubjana Sports, Slovania 2011 – Conflict Communications/knife
Ramsey County SWAT,
Minnesota 2011 – Knife
P.O.S.T. Mounds View, Minnesota  2011 – De-escalation/Force Physics
Association of Threat Assesment Professionals, Colorado 2011 – Conflict Communications
Xing the Pond I & II, Washington/UK 2010 – Force Physics /Martial movement
Deutsche Polizeigewerkscaft ( German
Police Union) Rheinland-Pfalz 2009 – De-escalation/ Control Presence
West Seattle Karate, Washington 2009 – Knife
Langley Martial Arts, British Columbia, 2009 – Marital movement
Silk Road Journey, Colorado 2009 – Martial movement
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Washington  2009 – Knife defense
Kitchner Aikidio Kitchner Ontario 2006 – Martial movement
Silk Road Journey, Colorado 2005 – Martial Movement
Denver 2004 Knife seminar
Silk Road Journey, 2004 – Martial Movement
Muay Thai of Kunapali, Utah April 2003 – Knife
Uddevalla Police Department, Sweden 2003 – De-escalation
Koln Wing Chun Association, Germany 2003 – Street fighting
Malmo Police Department, Sweden, 2003 – Control Presence/de-escalation
International Police Defensive Tactics Association, Sweden, 2003 – Control Presence
International Police Defensive Tactics Association/Cops International, Poland  2003 – Defensive Tactics
Silk Road Journey, Colorado  2003 – Knife
Muay Thai of Kunapali, Utah  2003 – Knife
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Washington December 2003 – Knife
Muay Thai of Kunapali, Utah, 2003 – Knife
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Washington February 2002 – Knife
Jeet Kun Do Academy 2002 – Streetfighting
Academy of Kumapali Silat ,  Oklahoma, 2002 – Knife
Silk Road Journey, Colorado 2002 – Effective Offense
DeMeere Martial Arts, Beligum 2001 – Streetfighting
Koln Wing Chun Association, Germany 2001 – Street Fighting
Uddevalla Police Department, Sweden 2000 – De-Escalation
Karlshrue Police Department, Germany 2000 Defensive Tactics
Denver Police Department , Colorado1999  Certified Continuing Education Instructor
Ju Te To Academy, Colorado 1999 – Crime Avoidance/Personal Safety
Omega Martial Arts, Colorado1999 – Streetfighting
Omega Martial Arts, Colorado 1999 – Women’s Self Defense
Omega Martial Arts, Colorado 1999 – Crime recognition/avoidance
Omega Martial Arts, Colorado  1999 – Women’s Self Defense
International Police Defensive Tactics Association, Sweden 1999 – Professional use of force/knife
Ju Te To Academy ,  Colorado 1999 – Effective Offense
Women’s Self Defense Colorado 1998
H. Halesbeck Benefit Seminar , Colorado  1997 – Martial Arts
Gunsite Training Center Arizona 1994 – Knife
Los Angeles Police Department Citizen's Use of Force Advisory Panel,  California 1992 – Professional use of force/Control presence

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